Opening BlueSky Mediation & Law is the culimination of all my professional inspiration. When I start anything new it means something inspired me. That inspiration can come from within, such as training for and running a marathon, for example. Or external events that inspire me. My friends starting their own businesses, for example. Internal and external motivation makes perfect sense since inspiration derives from the Latin “to breathe in.” As I take in external events they bounce around inside until they resurge as motivation.

I am internally driven to have a career devoted to helping people resolve their disputes around environmental conflicts. Why? For one thing, life’s brevity disposes me to figure out how I can make the best use of what I have to offer. For me, that means applying my training, experiences, and energy to help reduce conflict in the world. I specifically am inspired to work on environmental issues because that is where my professional expertise and passion lie, and these disputes are about more than air, fire, water, land, and values we can derive from them. They are about the relationships, or breakdown of relationships, among the people using, managing, and wanting to conserve the resources. Thus, my work is about people, their relationships, and wanting to help them reduce their conflict.

My external inspirations are the people I know and events I have experienced. Living in San Francisco means I can’t go anywhere without meeting at least one highly-motivated entrepreneur. They inpsire me to think I too can take on all that goes along with starting and running a business. No surprise: there’s a lot to it! That does not mean I am blind to risk and consequences associated with starting my own practice. But I am willing to take the risk because I already feel a great liberty (and responsibility) running my own business, and the opportunities to connect with other people opens up vastly when compared with being an employee. As for inspiring events, the one that stands out is working in New Zealand trying to find broadly acceptable solutions to a 30-year old conflict over how the country allocates coastal space for commercial activity. Believing that I made a dent in the national policy discussion over how to realign groups’ incentives to negotiate instead of litigate propelled me to see this work as necessary and possible.

Until recently, BlueSky Mediation & Law was an idea about what I could do to help other people. Now that it is open for business I am inspired by seeing it take shape, knowing there’s a chance it can succeed at helping people resolve their environmental conflicts.

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